As your premier wedding DJ, I will elevate your Gulf Coast wedding with my extensive DJ experience, fusing high-energy nightclub vibes, creative track edits, and personalized playlists. Enjoy a dynamic microphone presence honed through nightclub gigs, university performances nationwide, and weddings all over the South. I’ll captivate your family and guests. Let me bring unforgettable entertainment to your special day.

Pensacola Beach – Destin – Gulf Shores

Master of Ceremonies:

Energy and Mic Presence

I enjoy tactfully and tastefully using the microphone to elevate the energy in the room during the reception. I comfortably, and confidently, deliver instructions and announcements with clarity to guests in a polite and celebratory way to keep them informed and engaged in your event.


While working with a coordinator is preferred, I understand that circumstances vary. In such cases, I am more than capable of stepping up as your Master of Ceremonies, ensuring seamless coordination with your photographer, caterer, and other vendors. From announcing key moments like the arrival of food to orchestrating introductions, first dances, and toasts, I take charge to ensure your event runs smoothly. By managing these details, your vendors can focus on delivering their services, allowing you and your guests to fully enjoy and capture the cherished memories of your special day.

Wedding & Dinner Music

Indulge in elegance and ambiance with my curated blend of over 30 hand-selected piano pop covers, meticulously crafted to guide your guests from the heartfelt vows of the ceremony to the intimate conversations of the dinner reception. This blend serves as a tranquil calm, setting the stage for the unforgettable festivities ahead.

Party Time!

Get ready to dance the night away! From the formal introductions to the first dances, cake cutting, garter toss, and beyond, I’m here to keep the celebration lively. With a diverse selection of music that appeals to guests of all ages, I’m known for seamlessly transitioning between songs to maintain an energetic atmosphere. Your pre-event song requests are always a priority, ensuring a personalized experience for you and your guests. Let’s make unforgettable memories together!


Unleash the ultimate dance floor frenzy with our electrifying 60-minute dance mix, meticulously designed to ignite the night with pulsating beats and infectious rhythms. Whether you’re looking to keep the party alive or elevate the celebration to new heights, this mix is guaranteed to ignite the dance floor and keep the energy soaring!

Wind, Waves, Boats… Oh my!

Although beach ceremonies and the sound of wind can present challenges, rest assured that I strive to provide the best possible audio experience for your beach wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Music & Officiant Microphone

Experience peace of mind knowing that I excel at managing the intricate audio needs of coastal wedding ceremonies.

With expertise in setting up professional wireless speakers and discreetly applying microphones to officiants, rest assured that I strive to provide the best possible audio experience for your beach wedding ceremony. With careful equipment setup and professional techniques, I aim to minimize the impact of wind noise on microphone quality, offering your ceremony the best chance for clear and audible sound amidst the coastal breeze.

Additionally, I strategically position all equipment out of sight from photographers, preserving the natural beauty of your beach setting. Trust me to seamlessly integrate music and sound, enhancing the magic of your special day.


Please include event details in your inquiry: Date, Time, Location, and other significant details help me respond quickly and accurately! Thank you for considering me as an entertainer for you and your guests!

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Local Partners

If you don't already know or recognize me from my events, that's ok, there's a good chance you've seen me DJing for and alongside my friends and partners showcased here!

Michael Silver - Silver Industries, Degy

I've considered Michael a close friend for many years and through his dedication and work for his team, I've been able to travel all over the nation providing entertainment services to countless schools, colleges, and even military bases (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!) If you see me carrying speakers or wearing a super slick Silver Industries t-shirt, I'm working an event for Michael!

Check out Silver Industries and the events and projects going on with our team. From Paint Parties, Taylor Swift Nights, Emo Prom, 5k runs, Ticket Innovation and so much more.

I was the DJ for Michael's wedding!

Joseph - DJ dr0ne

I've considered Drone to be a close friend and such an inspiration and outlet for my DJ creativity. Drone has always welcomed me and shared his stage(s) through many gallery nights at 200 South, NYE ragers, and even as a short-term fill-in at Blend Lounge when y'all book him to DJ your wedding instead of me! ha!

Check out dr0ne's website and see what cool events and projects are going on in his world!

I was the DJ for dr0ne's wedding!

Al Lao - DJ Lao - South Bay

Lao has been a consistent friend and source of inspiration and guidance as I've matured as a DJ. He has provided me with creative outlets like DJing the "boom boom room" at Seville, Mardi Gras floats, weddings, and more. Lao is my go-to resource when I hit creative blockers, or struggle with diversifying my sets to cater to broader demographics and even set list curation. Check out what cool projects he has going on!