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What’s different between a nightclub and a college?

Many schools have such rich history, generational traditions, and prestigious programs that deserve to be complimented from my performance and song choices. The content I’d play at a nightclub will often include explicit language, however, when building my setlists, I take the time to ensure I have the clean versions of the tracks for performances at schools, corporate events, and weddings. Having the appropriate content to maintain the attention of your student body while not offending the traditions and cultures of the campus has been a major asset in my ability to perform in the college market.

My history as a DJ on College Campuses and the story of a lifetime

My DJ career initially took off a little over 10 years ago when a company called Headphone Disco came to Pensacola to perform/host an event at the University of West Florida where, at the time, I was a student. They reached out to me and asked if I wanted to DJ alongside their team. Of course, I did! It was one of the best decisions I ever made and one of my best DJ sets at that time.

After the event, they expressed they needed DJs for their team and asked if I was willing to travel. As a young college student, I jumped at the opportunity and said YES! The very next week I had a plane ticket to Washington D.C. to DJ at a college up there.

After that show, I went on to DJ all over the northeastern United States carrying cases and cases of headphones from gig to gig. I DJ’d over 50 colleges in my first year and a half with Headphone Disco. Some days I’d drive 8+ hours to a college, set up the gear, DJ til 2am, wake up at 7am to hit the road to the next stop. Looking back, it was both chaotic and glorious!

This connection is how I came in contact with Degy Entertainment, the largest booking agency in the college market. I am extremely grateful and lucky to have a relationship with their team.

Under Michael Silver, a wonderful friend and huge inspiration, I took advantage of the opportunity to be one of the first DJs under the PaintU (Paint University) brand. A wonderfully talented team that specializes in high-energy, safe, paint parties on college campuses. This brand, under the Degy Entertainment agency, took me all over the nation and beyond.

I’ve DJd in Seattle, WA. I’ve DJ’d in NYC, multiple cities in California, all over Texas, Florida, and everywhere in between.

Furthermore, I still find myself in disbelief that I was able to DJ in Canada for an absolute rager of an event just north of Niagara Falls. Additionally, to stretch this further, we also DJd in Guantanamo Bay Cuba on the US Military Base for our troops stationed there.

Every year, every season, I celebrate the blessings of new gigs in new places with new faces. As I mature as a DJ, I’ve grown to value the places and the cultures far more than the size of the crowds at the events. I cannot put into words the peace that I find while sightseeing in a new city after a good show.


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