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The dates below are already booked/Reserved:

9/21/24 DEGY – Monroe

10/5/24 – Fort Walton Beach

11/02/24 – Pensacola Beach

11/09/24 – Pensacola

11/15/2024 – Pensacola

11/16/24 – Pensacola

11/23/24 – Pensacola Beach

Local Partners

If you don't already know or recognize me from my events, that's ok, there's a good chance you've seen me DJing for and alongside my friends and partners showcased here!

Michael Silver - Silver Industries, Degy

I've considered Michael a close friend for many years and through his dedication and work for his team, I've been able to travel all over the nation providing entertainment services to countless schools, colleges, and even military bases (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba!) If you see me carrying speakers or wearing a super slick Silver Industries t-shirt, I'm working an event for Michael!

Check out Silver Industries and the events and projects going on with our team. From Paint Parties, Taylor Swift Nights, Emo Prom, 5k runs, Ticket Innovation and so much more.

I was the DJ for Michael's wedding!

Joseph - DJ dr0ne

I've considered Drone to be a close friend and such an inspiration and outlet for my DJ creativity. Drone has always welcomed me and shared his stage(s) through many gallery nights at 200 South, NYE ragers, and even as a short-term fill-in at Blend Lounge when y'all book him to DJ your wedding instead of me! ha!

Check out dr0ne's website and see what cool events and projects are going on in his world!

I was the DJ for dr0ne's wedding!

Al Lao - DJ Lao - South Bay

Lao has been a consistent friend and source of inspiration and guidance as I've matured as a DJ. He has provided me with creative outlets like DJing the "boom boom room" at Seville, Mardi Gras floats, weddings, and more. Lao is my go-to resource when I hit creative blockers, or struggle with diversifying my sets to cater to broader demographics and even set list curation. Check out what cool projects he has going on!